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Lower Manhattan is generally regarded as the area below 23rd Street. This includes the original settlement from the 1600s, as well as many of the oldest neighborhoods and concentrations of architecture on Manhattan.

Since the 1990s, a number of lower Manhattan neighborhoods have recovered their intrinsic value as they became safer and as nightlife and retail options became more abundant. The Lower East Side did not become hot until the very late 1990s or early 00's, East Village began its latest resurgence around 2005, and the New York Times characterized parts of Tribeca as emerging as late as 2006.

There are still pockets of the Lower East Side, particularly the southern and eastern edges, where there are relative bargains, although the lower prices reflect fewer amenities or longer walks to the subway. Chinatown and Two Bridges are also still relatively affordable. The Financial District and Battery Park City have some intrinsic shortcomings, although retail and dining options are improving. For more detail, see the individual neighborhood reports.